AT&T Releases Sign Up Page For Galaxy SIII, Yay!

AT&T has put up the sign up page for the Samsung Galaxy SIII! They haven’t released a date or a price yet, but you can enter your email address for more information as it is available. Just like with every other carrier, the SIII looks identical to all the others and comes with the Snapdragon S4 processor. Overall, this wonderful. They chose LTE over a trivial processor choice, and that’s great for 90% of people. Sure, there are the Exynos enthusiasts like me who would kill for an HSPA+ only Exynos variant (a la Galaxy SII sporting an Exynos, and the LTE SII Skyrocket having a Snapdragon), but that’s definitely unwise from a corporation standpoint. So I commend the choice, even if it doesn’t fit my preference.

Who’s going to grab one of these? Arguably, the AT&T model is the best because it will have a great LTE network and a great fallback HSPA+ network (no other carrier has a fallback network). Even AT&T’s 3G speeds best Verizon and Sprints. As soon as I have the cash, I’m grabbing one for sure. Hit the source link to sign up for more info!


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