AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II ICS Update Delayed Due to “Technical Problems”

DroidDog reported Wednesday that the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II was able to update to ICS via Kies.  However, apparently “technical problems” have caused the Kies ICS update to be pulled and we are awaiting word about when the update will be pushed back out.  Word on the street is that it wasn’t neccesarily pulled due to the phone software having problems, but Kies.  It is being reported that fixes might be in the works and out by Saturday, but nothing official from AT&T.  Some very patient people are reporting that they were able to get the update through Kies after several attempts.  Also, if you look hard enough, you may not even need to wait for it to be pushed back through a “fixed” Kies.  People have been posting the updated rom online like here (Although I can give no confirmation in regards to this being the official update).  It’s a total bummer that it was pulled for those of you that are excited about getting ICS on their devices.  I’m sure it makes Sprint Galaxy S II users feel a little better though.  Still no word from Sprint when they will be getting ICS either.  Let us know about your experience trying to update through Kies…  Did you get it?  Have you found it elsewhere?  If you did get it, do you like it?  Share your thoughts will you?


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