Baidu Releases Custom ROM For The Nexus S, Scares Me

Looks like Google isn’t the only search giant with its own Android ROM. Granted, Google created Android, but Chinese search giant Baidu has created an entire Nexus S ROM.

Much like Google, Baidu does it all. It has similar services to Google Drive, Picasa, Maps, Calendar, and more. So making a ROM with all those services integrated seems like a pretty damn good idea. If China Nexus S users want to integrate the whole Baidu-based life into their Android phone, this is a good product for them. Plus, Baidu has promised to update the ROM every two weeks via OTA, which is great.

I do fear this ROM though. Baidu abides by government regulations, especially in terms of censorship. Their search engine is heavily censored, and no one knows what kind of information it could be collecting. This ROM might be no different, collecting information to sell to the government. This is a crazy-homeless-man-doomsday theory of mine, but it could be true, so I urge caution. Still, the idea of a search giant trying to provide better integration into phones, even if it is through warranty-voiding means, is pretty cool.

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