Best Buy Saying Verizon Galaxy SIII Shipping By June 28th To Pre-Order Customers

Best Buy is now claiming that those who pre-ordered the Verizon Galaxy SIII will be getting them June 28th. Yesterday, two dates were most expected, and they were July 6th and 9th. Now it seems that the 9th is the most likely (being stated during checkout when pre-ordering the device on Verizon’s own site). Considering Best Buy is contradicting Verizon itself, it’s a bit hard to believe them. Plus, Best Buy is known for throwing out random statements about dates.

Really, I’m all for an earlier date. Every other carrier is shipping their SIII earlier than Verizon, and we’re not sure why. Let’s just hope Best Buy is somehow correct and Verizon will start shipping them sooner.


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