Box App Receives New Update That Includes 50 New Partners For OneCloud

Cloud storage is all the rage these days and one of the providers of it is Box. Today the Box app for Android got a new update that brought a brand new feature called OneCloud. What exactly is OneCloud? Well, it’s fairly simple. It uses partnered applications to allow you to download, upload, and edit documents straight to your Box storage. Some of those initial launch partners include FetchNotes, iAnnotate, Docusign Ink, and more. They also announced that they’ve created a OneCloud SDK that will be available to Android app developers to help them integrate their products. They’ll be hosting a Google+ Hangout for devs next week and if you prefer more hands-on training then they’ll be at Google I/O ready to assist if you’re attending. When all is said and done, this looks like a nice update for both the Box users and developers looking to integrate their apps with the service. Do any of you use Box for your cloud storage needs?

Android Central, Box, Play Store

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