Chameleon Home Screen Replacement Releases New Kickstarter Project

When Chameleon for Android tablets was first announced back in May, people were eager to get their hands on it and pledge to fund the project through Kickstarter. Unfortunately, the member of the team who had originally created the Kickstarter page left the team and the team had to start the Kickstarter project again from the ground up. Because the pledges contained sensitive credit card information, the Chameleon team couldn’t retain the information from previous backers so if you pledged the first time then you won’t be charged because your donation won’t have gone through. This means that any previous backers will have to pledge again this time if they still want to fund Chameleon. The good news is that their goal has been dropped from $50,000 to $30,00 and at the writing of this article they have already reached over $23,000. The expected release date for Chameleon is still in August so you don’t have too long to wait for your new Chameleon launcher if you pledged.

Droid-Life, Kickstarter

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