Clambook Takes Motorola’s Webtop Idea To A Whole New Level

Clamcase has created the Clambook, an ultrabook without the guts. Very much like the Motorola Webtop docks, you plug in your phone and it will act like an internal display, keyboard, and trackpad. It’ll work with the iPhone, but is really optimized for Android. It has an MHL port, which will output audio and video, and will provide power to the phone. They keyboard will be made for Android, and the trackpad will be multitouch.

And if you have a Motorola phone, this will trigger the Webtop software just like a Motorola Webtop dock. Except this looks a lot better than their docks, and I’m sure the trackpad is better. Hopefully it will also trigger a DPI change when connected to a standard Android phone, turning it into a tblet interface (a la ASUS PadFone).

No details are out yet, so we don’t know what phone it’ll work with, what battery it houses, what screen it has, or what it will cost. Or when it launches, for that matter. We know nothing. But we are excited anyway! What do you think?


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