Consumer Reports Gives The HTC One Series Top Marks

It’s not often that we refer back to Consumer Reports these days, as their smartphone rankings are often quite different than how we, as “bloggers” like to review our devices. Still, their morning news report caught my eye as they gave the HTC One series some top marks against the competition. The report did highlight that the HTC One phones aren’t perfect, even if their “image engineers weren’t impressed with some aspects of the cameras’ performance.”

The report adds that the One series support for NFC, HD Voice (when available) and various camera shooting modes make these the top-rated phones for their respective carriers.

The real question is how long HTC can stay at the top of this list with the Samsung Galaxy S III just days away from launching inside the US. While we have high hopes some new Android device will distract us from the Galaxy S III, we don’t expect to see anything that will until at least the end of the year — meaning that HTC’s reign could be short lived.

Consumer Reports

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