CyanogenMod Announces CM9 Release Candidate RC1, 37 Devices Supported

CyanogenMod announced Tuesday that their release candidate CM9 build, RC1, is now available for 37 devices.  These builds will not be wildly different than the nightlies already available, but will be more stable.  The CyanogenMod blog states,

“It wasn’t quick or easy, but we are extremely proud of this release and what it represents for us as a group. The jump from 2.3.7 to 4.0.4 in many ways was a fresh start for this project, and as much as the code changed, the structure and organization of CM as a whole changed as well. It meant a lot of hard work, and late nights, but also a ton of fun. We are in this for the challenge, and the reward is always the satisfaction received when we release it to the masses as a ‘stable’ product. This RC1 brings us a step forward toward that payoff.”

The CyanogenMod CM9 is a hugely popular rom based off of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).  They build on what Android offers and brings even more features not currently found in stock Android roms.  I’m sure there are lots of people out there that are pretty excited and release versions of CM9 for their devices.  The CM9 release version, RC1, can be downloaded here for the 37 currently supported devices.  For me, my Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch isn’t currently supported so I can’t give you any insight on the installation or review of RC1.  However, as stated on the CyanogenMod blog, installation instructions are the same as for CM7 and can be found here.  Additionally, their issue tracker is now open for RC1 and can be found here if you run into any bugs.  If you’re enjoying yourself some CM9 RC1, be sure to support the CyanogenMod team by donating.  So is your device one of the lucky 37?  Let us know if you’re running the new CM9 RC1 and what you think…

CyanogenMod Blog

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