Deal: AT&T Galaxy S III Preorders For $150, Sprint Variant For $180

The hot new phone of the summer is the Galaxy S III and although it went on preorder last week, it’s been impossible to find any retailers that were offering it for below list price. That’s changed as both Amazon and Target Mobile are offering the AT&T Galaxy S III for $150 with an upgrade on preorder. But AT&T isn’t the only one with a Galaxy S III deal. Wirefly is offering Sprint’s variant of the Galaxy S III for a slightly more expensive $180 that’s for both new contracts and upgrades. Both of these are good deals for Sammy’s flagship phone for the year and should save you a bit of money off of the standard retail price. Bear in mind though, that I’ve found out from experience that Target Mobile and the mobile area of your local Target store are two completely separate things so if you want the Target deal then you’ll have to order online only. With that, are any of you going to grab this deal? Or did you already order from another provider at the list price?

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