Dolphin Browser HD Backend Improvements Provide Significant Boost

While Chrome for Android may be the go-to browser for many running Ice Cream Sandwich, Dolphin Browser HD remains my personal favorite and thanks to a brand new update, it’s about to get even better. Introducing Dolphin Engine, a brand new update which promises some big speed increases according to the parent company providing Dolphin’s ability to render HTML5 websites up to 10x faster than stock Android browsers and up to 100x faster than Chrome for Android.

The boys over The Verge got their hands on the update a little early and their speed test scores resulted in some bragging rights for Dolphin HD fans. Loading up The Verge took 12.8 seconds on WiFi with Dolphin HD, against 18.7 and 20 seconds on Chrome for Android and HTC Sense browser. The New York Times loaded in 8.6 seconds, against Chrome and Sense browser times of 9.2 and 9.9 seconds . They saw similar results while loading their parent site SB Nation along with CNN.

Scrolling and zooming are said to be on par with Chrome for Android and Flash/HTML5 videos played with “little to no hiccups.”

Dolphin says this is all thanks to “extensive canvas improvements,” that result in a generally better browsing experience. While there may be dozens of browsers vying for your attention on Android, Dolphin remains one of the top choices thanks to being a solid browser compatible with a large group of Android devices. The new update won’t show much in terms of UI, but you’ll definitely feel it under the hood.

Hit the Dolphin blow below to find the .apk for the beta!

The Verge via Dolphin Browser Blog

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