Draw Something Updated with a “Fresh New Look”

The popular “social drawing and guessing game” recieved an update Tuesday with what OMGPOP is claiming as a “fresh new look.”  The main screen has received some color changes, with a top bar now with your coin and bomb totals as well as the settings changes button.  I’m going off of memory here, but when I first updated, I don’t remember being able to login with email previously.  I thought you had to go through Facebook.  Either way, you can now make an account with email.  Additionally, it looks like you can only find friends through Facebook now.  As far as game play goes, the replay of your friend guessing your drawing has been sped up which is kind of nice.  However, all the ridiculous words my friend comes up now go by pretty fast which is lame.  Another new addition to the gameplay is the ‘special words’ category option when it’s your turn to chose a word.  The first time you go through its free, and it looks like the special words have a category and might earn you more coinage when guessed.  However, now that its my second time through, there are three special word categories and cost 1-2 bombs which I’m out of because of my clumsy fingers (not because I needed them…  riiight).  My special category I actually got to use was “body parts” and gave me a list of body parts to choose from with coin earnings up to +7.  So that can be a fun addition to the game if you actually ever have bombs.  The drawing screen has also changed a bit with some new icons for the eraser and pencil.  OMGPOP also states on Google Play that the game can now be played in 13 languages and will notify you when inactive games are about to expire.  So, some good changes from the popular Draw Something app available for free in the Google Play Store with ads or for $2.99 for the ad-free version with more words in the bank.  I think the UI definately looks improved and brighter.  What do you guys think of the changes?  Are you even still playing the game?  Let us know what you think below…

Google Play Store

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