Firefox Android Browser Loses Beta Tag, Adds Speed, Flash And HTML5

After months of testing and a “beta” tag label, Firefox is dropping the “beta” and bringing the goods with the launch of their “new and improved” Android browser. Available for all Android devices running Android 2.2 or great, the updated browser brings a full web experience, including support for Flash, HTML5, improved startup time, fast page rendering and synchronization with Firefox on your desktop.

Mozilla claims that while they’ve improved rendering and load times, the interface has has been sped up, which allows for a faster experience moving around the browser. Mozilla even claims that its internal benchmarking tool finds the new Firefox browser to be about twice as fast as the stock Android browser.

Mozilla has added the “awesome screen” to the newest Firefox edition, which displays bookmarks, history, and password/form data to your Android phone.

If you’ve used the Firefox beta as of late, a lot of these changes won’t act or feel new, but if you’ve used Dolphin HD, Chrome or another browser alternative, the new Firefox is certainly worth checking out.

The update Firefox is now available through Google Play and Mozilla says a tablet-ready version will be available soon.

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