Flurry Statistics Show Devs Making Apps For iOS Over Android 2-to-1

Flurry has its analytics service in 185,000 apps and 100 million unique devices, and this article is a culmination of those statistics. Developers still make apps for iOS over Android by a ratio of 2:1.

One issue is number of phones to support. iOS has a max of 5 devices, while Android has hundreds. It’s not always supporting hundreds of devices, but more supporting a dozen or two chipsets and a lot of screen sizes. A lot of that is native to Android, but is a little more troublesome with games. And according to their statistics, no phone but the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Ace hold more than a 7% market share in the Android world.

Developers also have to expect, in general cases, to make a quarter of the profit on Android apps. Google’s payment system is still young, while Apple had a long time to hone it with iTunes.

Now before you go out and start using these statistics (or complain that they are skewed), let me just say that they are pretty skewed. This is not the fault of Flurry, but not every app uses Flurry. In fact, many Android apps use Google Analytics instead. Using Google’s native system is just logical. So these statistics are missing quite a lot of data on the Android front. Still, it’s good info to see, as long as you take it lightly and not set in stone.


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