Foursquare Updated “Extreme Makeover Style”

Foursquare received an overhaul update, “extreme makeover style” according to Foursquare on their blog.  On Google Play they state, “We’ve re-imagined the entire app to make it even easier for you and your friends to share and catalog your experiences and find new places to go. It’s also really really pretty, with tons of fun surprises.”  I don’t use Foursquare, so I can’t make any comments or snide remarks about the changes, but I can tell you what Foursquare says the changes are:

- The way you share your experiences has changed.  The app now offers swipeable photos, plus tips, lists, and places your friends have saved in addition to the abiblity to quickly ‘like’ and comment on activity
- You no longer need to search of ideas of where to go, Foursquare’s Explore will gives you ideas the moment you open it up.  They’ve moved the ‘friends nearby’ location to Explore now and from the sound of it they’ve made their approach to location based local discovery smarter.  You can now also use this section to search for specific things like ‘free WiFi’ of ‘BBQ.’
- The check-in button has been moved to the top right of the app as can be seen in the above image and the speed of everything behind the scenes has been improved.

So there you have it.  They say its not just an update, but a whole new app.  If you use Foursquare, be sure to let us know what you think of the changes.  If you don’t, and you think it sounds interesting, head over to the Google Play store and give it a download.

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