Game Makers Are Pulling Titles From Google+, Why?

Google+ just lost the support of two high-profile casual game developers, PopCap and Wooga over speculation that social network has failed to make any real penetration in the social gaming market. Electronic Art’s owned PopCap confirmed it would “redeploy resources” previously assigned to its Bejeweled title, while Wooga has warned it will be pulling three titles from the Google network.

PopCap insisted that “Google is a valuable gaming partner,” however their decision to remove Bejeweled from the gaming store still leaves them plenty of room to produce future titles for other Google platforms, ala Android.

The Wall Street Journal spoke to a Google spokeswoman who stated that “games continue to be an important part of the Google+ platform.” There are still around 40 games available to Google+ users.

While Zynga, makers of some of the most popular Facebook games such as Farmville, Cityville and Zynga poker said Google+ had been “slow on the uptick with users,” they haven’t commented on the withdrawals or its plans for the Google+ gaming network.

That’s not to say all game makers are unhappy with Google+ as Kevin Chou, CEO of Kabam Inc, said that his company is “very happy with Google+.”

With Google increasing its attempts at doubling down on Google+, it remains to be seen if this will lead to a chain reaction of game makers pulling out or if Google will need to make even more changes to the network to pull users away from Facebook.

Wall Street Journal

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