Get WiFi Calling Back on Your Non-Stock HTC Sensation 4G

When I was with T-Mobile, the WiFi Calling feature on their phones was a sweet deal and super handy.  It especially came in handy while working deep in the dungeons of buildings with a pregnant wife about ready to pop.  If you don’t know about T-Mobile’s Wifi Calling, if you have it and you’re in range of WiFi, you can make/receive calls and texts with your regular number.  To this day, Wifi Calling is something I miss pretty often.  There are other ways of doing VOIP calling, but nothing quite as convenient as T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling.

Apparently, HTC Sensation 4G owners have found themselves in a predicament with flashing new ROMs to their phones.  With some ROMs, developers haven’t been able to bring over the use of the Wifi Calling.  That stops now.  Senior XDA Member bigmoew has posted Wifi Calling patches for both Stock based and AOSP based ROMs in nicely packaged zip files.  To install the patch, the original (broken) Wifi Calling app needs to be removed which people having been doing through apps like Titanium Pro.  Once the original app is removed, you boot your phone to recovery and intall the zip via recovery. Be sure to know if your ROM is AOSP based or stock based and that you’re actaully using an HTC Sensation 4G before you install the mod.  bigmoew makes it super clear this mod will not work on any other T-Mobile phones at the moment.  Although it would be sweet if patch would work for anything.  Super great work though.  Definitely let us know if you were missing your Wifi Calling on your Sensation and if the mod is working for you.  Happy Friday!


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