Google All Set to Acquire Meebo

It seems like every other week Google is off purchasing other companies. And now several reports are indicating the acquisition of Meebo by Google. If you aren’t familiar with Meebo and what they provide, here’s a short synopsis straight from their website:

Meebo is a consumer internet company focused on driving user engagement across the web, reaching approximately half of the U.S. internet population. Our flagship product, the Meebo Bar, provides publishers and advertisers a surprisingly simple way to leverage this massive audience by organically weaving content engagement and brand experiences into the consumer’s web experience. Meebo also helps users build their own web experiences around the things that interest them the most.

Now of course the next question that usually follows is what Google has in store for Meebo? It can be easily assumed that they plan to integrate Google+ within the Meebo bar. Or maybe a significant update to the PC Google Talk client? That has needed an upgrade for sometime now and perhaps this Meebo purchase can pave the way for that. While the actual price of what Google paid isn’t officially available, it has been reported that Google paid within the neighborhood of a cool $100-million. What do you guys think about Google yet again acquiring a company like Meebo?