Google+ Comes To Flipboard, Adds News Streams In The App

Google Vice President of Product Management Bradley Horowitz dropped a nice piece of news as he spoke at the Le Web ’12 conference in London as Google+ partners with Flipboard, adding Google+ streams in the app. The streams are said to launch “soon” as part of Google’s new Google+ APIs, which are now extended to provide more content from Google’s social network allowing Flipboard users to add photos, videos, posts and other data without visiting the Flipboard network directly.

While Google’s own Currents app provides a similar style of news app to Flipboard’s, the latters overwhelming success on iPhone will likely help Flipboard achieve success on Android. For now, Google is likely doing everything it can to expand the reach of Google+ content by partnering up with one of the most popular and well-known news readers apps on the market.

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