Google Ears from Jelly Bean Working For Android 4.0+ [Root Only]

Here’s a new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean feature that’s been made availalble for ICS devices.  XDA Member asdfzz got the new Google widget, Google Ears, working on what he thinks will be all 4.0+ devices (although that’s not confirmed yet).  Google Ears is basically the same thing as Shazaam or SoundHound.  In the case of Google Ears, it is only a widget and when you touch it, it will begin listening for music to identify.  Once the music is identified, it will show the album artwork, the artist, the song title, and will give you the cost to buy the song in the Google play Store as can be seen in the screenshots below.  If you tap on the widget again it will take to to the song in the Google Play Store.

The new Jelly Bean widget demonstrates what Google said about Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7, with how they built the Nexus 7 around Google Play.  As I mentioned earlier, this widget isn’t any different than what you can already get with Shazaam or Soundhound.  I have no experience with SoundHound, but Google Ears is definitely slower and less functional than Shazaam, but it works.  In my opinion, this new widget just shows how Google is trying to improve their media to device ecosystem, which is important for them to be competitive with Apple.

To install Google Ears on your device, you need to be rooted and running ICS.  If you’re there, the process is relatively simple.  There are two files, the apk and a library file.  You can download them both from the XDA thread.  Once you have the files downloaded, follow these instructions from asdfzz:

Installation guide:
1. Push the .apk to system/app
2. Fix permissions (rw-r–r–)
3. Reboot your device

1. Push lib to system/lib
2. Fix permissions (rw-r–r–)

If you can follow those instructions, the widget works like a champ.  It worked for my on my Epic 4G Touch.  When you’re placing the widget on your home screen, the widget is actually called “Sound Search.”  In my opinion, if you already have Shazaam or SoundHound, it’s not worth the effort unless you just want to play with something from Jelly Bean.  However, it’s free I suppose, and completely integrated with the Google Play Store.  If you put it on your phone, be sure to hit asdfzz’s thanks button for the work he put into this.  Check it out if you feel the desire and let us know what you think…

XDA Thread


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