Google Glass Shown Off At Google I/O

Google Glass has been fascinating everyone’s imaginations over the last few months since its unveiling. Now Google has surprised us all at the end of the day 1 keynote, and gave a live presentation of the product. A Google Hangout was done, and through an awesome skydiving stunt.

A team literally went skydiving to the Moscone Center while being apart of a Google Hangout via Google Glass, proving that the glasses could very well turn into an amazing product. Everything went safely to plan, with the crowd cheering in celebration. Following that, a package was handed off to some biking stunt men, after which it was handed off to a man grappling off the side of the Moscone. It was again handed off to more bikers, where it was taken to the stage. To sum everything up, this package went from thousands of feet in the sky to the stage of the Moscone Center in a few short minutes. The best part? It was all done during the same Google Hangout, thanks to Google Glass.

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