Google Holding Maps Event before WWDC, Possibly To Spite Apple

We’ve all heard the rumors that Apple will be dropping Google Maps and using their own. And Google seems to know this. They’re holding an event centralized around Maps only 5 days before WWDC, where Apple will be presenting. They will be demoing some new features, sharing their “vision.” The new features “will get people where they want to go – both physically and virtually.” Looks like Google wants to prove they’re better than anything Apple can get. Or they’re mad.

I’m an avid fan of Google Maps for Android (when it isn’t holding wakelocks and killing battery). It’s truly an incredible service that does it all. And we all know the iOS app (that Apple designed) was terrible. It worked, but the UI was pretty bad. Apple needs something new, but I doubt that there is anything better than Google’s stellar service. Plus, who better to make the app than the company that’s 100% focused on software? I do think that Apple is making a mistake, and that iPhone customers may very well suffer for it. but we’ll see. What do you think of this whole situation? Chime in down below.


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