Google Introducing “Save To Wallet” For Payment Cards And Offers

As Google I/O 2012 finishes wrapping up, smaller and slightly less exciting announcements are making themselves heard and this latest one pertains to Google Wallet. In the Google Wallet developer session they announced a new feature that’s coming called “Save to Wallet.” This is a nice big step towards introducing Wallet to more people. Essentially it allows websites to use the “Save to Wallet” API to allow users to save offers straight into their Wallet account. Once it’s in there, Google will remind you to take advantage of the offer before it expires. You can do that by either showing the offer from your Wallet or by using the nifty NFC features on your phone.

The same thing works with payment cards by allowing a user to simply click the button on the website and have their payment card entered into their Google Wallet. But if you’re worried about all that sensitive data being exposed to websites, you need not worry. Google has said that it will only be open to a small number of websites in a closed beta to start. If that all goes well then Google will open it up to registration where anybody can register but only approved partners will be allowed to use the API. Google also mentions in the slide above that more is coming soon but doesn’t hint at any more than that. This could be a reference to the rumor of Google Wallet 2.0 that we heard about a while back but then again, it could be for something entirely different. Does anyone out there use Google Wallet?

Android Central

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