Google Maps Kicked Off Of iOS List Of Stock Apps

This has been rumored for quite a while, but it is now official. Google Maps will no longer be included on any iOS device. Apple has purchased many companies and is using their assets to create their own maps service to rival Google.

The Maps app on iOS devices has not exactly been the best app. Apple had designed it with Google’s assets, and the app was quite subpar. It got the job done, and it was the best thing we had before Android came out, but it really didn’t do much. As Android grew, and as the Android Maps app had evolved into an incredible piece of software, the iOS Maps app had stagnated. There is no denying that Android Maps was eons ahead of anything iOS had to offer (including the app store offerings), all for free.

This is a good change for iOS devices, if the new Maps app is any good. It includes turn-by-turn navigation, a feature iOS users were missing (for free) and Android users have been enjoying for quite a long time. It may very well improve the maps experience for iOS users. That’s assuming it has been made well and that the service is consistent, and there is currently guarantee of that.

This doesn’t mean Google is giving up. Considering they scheduled their maps event mere days before the Apple event, they knew what was coming. And they demoed their new maps on an iPad (clever decision!). They are probably making a brand new Maps app for the app store to rivals Apple’s offering, and I’m sure that they’ll add a better UI and more features this time around. It probably won’t have all the features of the Android app (they need a reason for people to switch, after all), but it should be pretty good. We just have to wait and see how Apple Maps performs then.

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