Google Planning To Merge Talk, Messenger, And Hangouts Into One

The Google news just keeps rolling in and it’s getting better every time. Google today touched a little bit on it’s real-time messaging services like Talk, Messenger, and Google Hangouts. Google has said during its session with the Google+ Hangouts team this afternoon that they “have done an incredibly poor job servicing our users” and also said that they’re working on unifying all of these services into one. They also mentioned during the session that they use Hangouts exclusively as their video conferencing solution and they shared a bit more about their goals saying that they’re going to try to make Hangouts available on every supported device. This is all good news for the many users of these services and it’s nice to see Google saying that the’re going to work on unifying the experience. Are you excited about a possible unified solution for Google’s real-time messaging services?


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