Google Reportedly Creating Wallet 2.0, Sprint May Want It’s Own Mobile Payment System

According to a report from the NFC Times, Sprint may be looking to create it’s own form of a mobile payment system. Sprint has been known to be the only U.S. carrier to allow Google Wallet to be loaded on their devices but with this new report, that could be changing. Apparently Sprint is working with banks and service providers to create their own “Touch” system which would serve as a challenger to both Google Wallet and the collaboration of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile creating Isis. An interesting feature that’s rumored for the “Touch” system is complete user control which would allow the user to control things such as security measures and partners. It’s also been said that Sprint has hired NFC software and systems provider, Sequent Software, to help them to create their new system.

On a different note, Google is said to be in the process of creating their new Google Wallet 2.0 software. Some of the changes may include more focus on the cloud with special promotions and offers exclusively through it. Google is also said to be attempting to push adoption of Google Wallet but the loss of all four carriers could make that hard indeed. More news will likely come out at Google I/O about the future of Wallet so be sure to stay tuned for that. Do any of you currently use Google Wallet on your device?

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