Google’s Nexus Tablet Reportedly Shipping, Will Hit A Low Price Point

For the last couple months we’ve been hearing plenty of rumors about a Nexus tablet straight from Google. Expected to be unveiled at Google I/O, the tablet has just been reported by DigiTimes to have begun its journey to San Francisco (where I/O takes place). The report goes on to explain that the tablet will hit the successful $199 price point, and the tablet will not include a back-facing camera.

Everything lines up with what is expected from Google, and the exclusion of a back-facing camera makes sense. To reach that $200 price point from compromises must be made, so only a front-facing camera will be onboard. Take all of this as a grain of salt, as it is just a rumor at this point. But some Google I/O in a few weeks, and the world will know what Google has in store.

DigiTimes via Droid-Life

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