Have Poor Battery Life? One In Four Android Apps Contain Battery Killing Bugs

Long lasting battery life hasn’t always been Android’s strong suit, with many devices struggling to make it through the day. It’s becoming less and less common in newer devices, but the issues still exist. For random drops in battery life, it’s no secret that a bad app can sometimes be the reason, and a new study shows it may be worse than previously thought.

Purdue University recently conducted a study on Android apps, examining their power control APIs. As it turns out, about one in four of the apps in the study misused the very APIs meant to make the app power efficient. This leads to poor battery life on devices running the apps in the background, usually preventing them from entering sleep mode. Next week a method to detect the apps is to be proposed, but now the question stands: does Google need to keep a better check on the apps in the Play store?

Purdue University via Engadget

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