How To Easily Remove HTC Linkify From Any HTC Device

First thing’s first:
WARNING: This is a procedure that requires root. It could damage your phone, and no one but you is responsible for any possible damage. Do this at your own risk. But really, it’s an easy procedure, and if you don’t mess anything up, it’ll be fine. Just be careful and read the instructions.

If you want to get rid of HTC Linkify, HTC’s method of getting around Apple’s ban, there is now an easy method. HTC implemented a new section in their settings that lets you choose what app opens which type of link. This completely gets rid of any choice you have. I personally use two browsers and love choosing between them when pressing a link, and other choices (like between YouTube and browser) are pretty much integral to my everyday phone use. So I’d do this procedure in a heartbeat.

First, you use a root file explorer to delete a file called HTClinkifydispatcher.apk in /system/app.
Then you use a build.prop editor (any will do) to change one line that says “ro.da1.enable” and change the value from true to false.
Then just reboot into your recovery, wipe cache and dalvik, and you’re done!

For full instructions, or to ask questions and join the discussion, hit the source link. And tell us in the comments if you did this!


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