HTC Decides To Stop Making Low-End Phones, Attempting To Protect Its Image

This year HTC made a goal of only pumping out a few devices, instead of one every few months. So far, they’ve held true to it, focusing on their One line of phones, which consists of only 3 devices. There are still a few oddballs, like the Incredible 4G LTE, but otherwise the company has stuck to its word. However, they are now looking to stick to the mid-to-high-range market, and focusing less on low-end phones.

This comes in wake of emerging markets like China and India joining the smartphone revolution, where most phones are sold at a low price point. HTC has admitted that competitors like Motorola and Samsung have already beaten them to the lowest price point, and that their focus could be spent elsewhere. Software is where the Taiwanese company would rather keep its attention, along with tie-ins with companies like LogMeIn and Dropbox.

The launch of the HTC One V is right around the corner, and it could very well be one of the last low-end HTC devices we see in the US. Is this a smart move for HTC, or should they rethink the plans to stop making low-end phones?

Wall Street Journal via Tech Crunch

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