HTC Releases Updated OpenSense SDK, New API’s Included

HTC announced some new APIs back at Mobile World Congress in February and it looks like those are finally coming to developers now with a new update to HTC’s OpenSense SDK. Most of these new APIs will help developers to better integrate Sense 4 features into their apps. Some of these features include things like the sound enhancer, the Sense 4 lockscreen, and accesories like the MediaLink box.

HTC obviously wants to make it easier for devs to use some of the features in Sense 4 and so they’ve included some sample code that shows how developers can use code to implement the sound enhancer in their apps. They’ve also made it easy for developers to use the new code by putting the APIs up on their Developer Center. You can find the page for the codes in HTC’s Blog in the link below. I know that I’m looking forward to devs implementing these features in their apps but how about you? Let us know in the comments!

HTC Blog, Android Central

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