HTC Thumbs Nose At Galaxy S III Launch, Says One X Is Better Product

The only question an Android smartphone owner needs to ask these days is which device is the best on the market? HTC wants to help you answer that as they release some promo material as they prepare to face the “Galaxy S III challenge.”

HTC wants you to know their smartphone is superior, with a better screen, sound, camera, and a better CPU. They aren’t stopping there however, as they want to remind you the One X is made out of a polycarbonate body, rather than the plastic that has become synonymous with Galaxy devices.

The team at the Indian location-based search engine PriceBaba, got their hands on the promo pack which lists these “countering objections” to the Galaxy S III from HTC directly. Of course we can expect that HTC has stacked the deck in their favor here as they proudly declare the One X as the winner.

Most important for HTC is to offer a way for sales reps to help counter any notion that the Galaxy S III is a superior device, a decision we have yet to make ourselves in the US having not spent anytime with the Galaxy S III.

So, with what we know on both devices, what’s your smartphone of choice?

The Next Web via PriceBaba

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