HTC To Purchase S3 Graphics

Last year, HTC announced that it was looking to purchase graphics company, S3 Graphics, after it was announced that Apple’s Mac OS X infringed on two of S3′s patents. Then in November, the preliminary decision of infringement was overthrown by the ITC, and HTC stated that it would take a closer look at buying S3 Graphics. Now HTC seems to have decided that it will buy S3 Graphics after all to help expand its patent portfolio. HTC’s general counsel, Grace Lei, said “We think S3′s patent portfolio is valid and strong, and we have decided to complete the purchase after cautious assessment.”

HTC announced the price tag for S3 Graphics back at the preliminary decision as a cool $300 million. Of course, that’s not too bad of a price to pay as HTC will now be adding 270 new patents to their name and gaining a graphics chip maker. On the whole it seems like a good buy for HTC and hopefully this will allow them to have a better defense against all of Apple’s lawsuits. Plus it will give them the benefit of owning a graphics chip maker which could aid in the creation of future devices.

TechnoBuffalo, Focus Taiwan

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