Is This A Sneak Peek At The “New” Google Play Store? We Doubt it.

With Google I/O kicking off in just two days, the rumor mill is ready to kick into overtime with leaks, sneak peaks and hopeful first looks at upcoming features and devices. Take this supposedly new look at the Google Play store, which appears to be a revamp of the store and a huge difference from the Google Play we know today.

Courtesy of a Google+ post by Loranz Yousif of HD Blog, this “first look” is said to be the real deal, though we’re admittedly skeptical. First, these images are easy to fake, as anyone with a little photoshop knowledge can whip up an image like this and we’re pretty sure this looks like what the Android Market originally looked like, and less like an evolution of the Google Play store.

Still, anything is possible and we’re never ones to write anything completely off, but smart money would be on this being someone’s idea of a hopeful look at a revamped Google Play store, and not officially from Google itself.

Real or fake, is this a look you like? If this was the final look, how would you feel about it compared to the Google Play store we see today? More importantly, do you want to see a revamped Play Store with Android 4.1?

HD Blog via Androidandme

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