Judge Reconsiders Apple vs Motorola Case, Hearing Set for Next Week

The patent war wages on today as US Circuit Judge, Richard A. Posner reversed his previous dismissal of an Apple patent infringement case against the Google owned Motorola Mobility.  This case began in October of 2010, when Motorola sued Apple for 12 patent violations pertaining to iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.  Apple then followed suit (no pun intended) later that month, insisting that 6 of their patents had been infringed upon. While many of Motorola’s patent claims had been eliminated by Posner in the pretrial rulings, this reprieve for Apple is not guaranteed.  The feuding companies get the chance to prove their case’s legitimacy in a June 20th hearing next week in Chicago.  Apple Inc and NeXT Software Inc vs. Motorola Inc and Motorola Mobility Inc, 11-cv-8540 is the official name of the case.  Stay tuned for more updates.



image via Phandroid

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