Leaked Slides Of Sprint Touch Wallet Show A Serious Threat To Google Wallet

Last week is when we first got word that Sprint may be planning to create their own NFC payment system in place of Google Wallet. Now, according to some slides leaked to Android Central, it seems that Sprint really may be planning to ditch Google Wallet. We don’t know of any financial partners just yet but if the picture is true then we may see brands like McDonald’s, Macy’s, Target, and Best Buy as partners with Sprint for loyalty cards or just accepting full payments from your device.

So far, Sprint’s Touch system doesn’t seem to be a far cry from Google Wallet. You have to enter a passcode to enter and once that’s done unlocking the app you’ll see either a screen with a set of options or if you tap the device to an NFC enabled card reader, you’ll be shown a screen with your connected credit cards. Once you finish doing all that then the phone does a short animation as it locks the app back up and then it closes. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of information missing about Sprint’s new system. Things like financial partners and extra security measures have yet to be revealed for the mobile payment system. Hopefully more information will come along soon so we can get a better feel of what Sprint is planning to rival the other mobile payment systems.

Android Central


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