LG Optimus LTE2 May Be Headed To Verizon

Over the past few years, LG and Verizon have grown very close. While LG’s handsets have yet to make it into the DROID line, they still launched one of Verizon’s LTE phones, the LG Revolution. LG and Verizon may be getting a little closer soon, as a newly leaked photo suggest that LG’s flagship, the Optimus LTE2, could be on its way to Big Red.

The image above is what is believed to be a shipping box, with the model number VS930. Does this confirm it’s the LTE2? No, and this image itself could be faked. If it were in fact the LTE2, we’d be sure to hear about sometime in the near future from Verizon. But for the time being, there’s not enough evidence backing this story up.


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