Madfinger Games Back Again, Announces New Game Dead Trigger

ShadowGun THD set the standard of mobile gaming graphics, created by developer Madfinger Games. Now they’re back again, and have just announced their newest title, Dead Trigger. Dead Trigger follows in the graphical superiority of ShadowGun, but changes the theme to the classic zombie apocalypse. The battle takes place in 2012, a world where a deadly virus has changed most of the population to undead monsters.

The game will be launching on the TegraZone and Google Play near the end of the month, but those grabbing it from TegraZone will get an extra treat. Madfinger designed the game around the Tegra 3 processor, so an added level of detail will be there on games downloaded from TegraZone versus the standard version. There’s a comparison video video for those interested. Who’s excited for Dead Trigger.


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