Man The Guns: Android’s Marketshare Dropped In The US

Color us surprised: in ComScore’s latest report, Android dropped in marketshare. It’s nothing major, only an itty bitty two tenths of a point, but it’s still a change from Android’s massive growth over the last year. In March of 2012, Android held 51% of the market, whereas now it only holds 50.8%. Again, this isn’t a huge change, but it’s definitely something we weren’t anticipating.

Android’s biggest competitor, Apple and the iOS platform, moved forward with a 2.2% increase over the last few months. We’re not worried that Apple will be taking the lead anytime soon, but Android may have already reached its peak. The next couple of months will prove critical for Google and Android, and hopefully we’ll see more growth than ever come years end.

ComScore via Engadget

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