New Launcher Released by MIUI: MiHome

The popular custom ROM developer MIUI released a new launcher for both Android 4.0+ and 2.3 devices Thursday morning.  MIUI ROMs are known for doing away with the app drawer much like on iOS devices.  This launcher has lots of themed icons for your Google apps such as Gmail, Google music, calendar and your camera.  It comes with some widgets as you can seen in the image above, and comes with Milocker.  MiLocker is an app also developed by MIUI that lets you customize your lock screen.  The MiLocker theme that MiHome comes with allows you to directly unlock to your camera, phone, text messaging, or your device.  MIUI and MiHome are developed by Xiaomi Tech out of China, so you may see some Chinese characters roaming around the launcher, such as on the lock screen.  The launcher provides the ability to add new themes to the launcher which is pretty cool.  They can be downloaded through the launcher.  Overall, this is pretty exciting to be able to get a flavor of MIUI without having to flash a new ROM for all those that may not want to flash or are uncomfortable with that.  If you’re running an MIUI ROM, you already have this launcher so it’s not necessary to download.  The MiHome launcher is super simple and has some cool theming so its definately worth a look.  Its available for free on the MIUI website or on Google Play.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

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