New Odin3 Leaked, Confirmed Working for Samsung Galaxy S III Devices

A new version of Odin3 has been leaked on the XDA Samsung Galaxy S III forums, v3.0.4.  If you’re not familiar with Odin3, it may be because you’ve never owned a Samsung Android device.  Odin3 is a PC application used to flash new ROMs, modems, kernels, etc. to your Samsung Device.  Senior XDA member kastafela, who started a thread for the new Odin3, states that this version has a new interface (which from this image above is much prettier than the old interface), faster speed, no bugs, and a wiped kernel.  The new Odin3 has been confirmed to work for flashing  ROMs on the Samsung Galaxy S III.  I haven’t seen if anyone has used it yet for other Samsung Devices.  If you’d like to give it a look see, it can be downloaded here.

Have you used the new Odin3 v3.0.4 yet?  Let us know your thoughts…

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