New Report Says Google Accelerating Development Of Siri Competitor, Project Majel

While we want to see a lot out of Google I/O, including new Nexus devices, Jelly Bean and a whole bunch of new features, there is little that has me more excited than the prospect of Project Majel, otherwise known as Assistant and Google’s “Siri competitor.” A new Wall Street Journal report discussing Apple and Google’s deeper push into Mobile Software highlights Google’s “Accelerated plans to launch its own Siri competitor that would work on Android-powered devices, people familiar with the matter have said.”

The report further highlights Google’s wish to make Project Majel to be so much more than Siri, more of a personality than just someone delivering weather and reminding you of your next appointment.

As Google I/O approaches, there is bound to be an expectation for Google to at least discuss their upcoming Voice project, even if they just show a teaser or two. For now, we’ll just have to hope that Google shows off something next week, and if not, we’ll just continue to raise expectations for when they do.

Wall Street Journal

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