New Updates Outed For The LG Lucid And DROID BIONIC

The LG Lucid may not have been the biggest phone ever to launch on Verizon but that doesn’t mean that Big Red is going to forget about it. The Lucid is all set and ready to receive its second update since the phone launched back at the end of march. The update will boost the software up to version VS84OZV6 and includes some notable fixes such as better dialer and GPS widgets and eliminating a pesky over-heating bug when using Google Navigation. Simply go into Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Updates > Check For Updates to see if it’s been pushed to you yet. If you want to see a little more then here’s the full changelog for the update:

Device Features
+Weather widget syncs correctly for more precise location coordinates
+ Improved Dialer Widget.
•Added “Instant Search” and “Add to Contacts” functionalities.
• Successfully dial VZW“#” shortcuts.
+ Improved GPS Widget.
• Navigate Google Maps successfully.
• Threshold of battery temperature improved, so user will not see ‘over-heat’
when using Google Navigation.

The LG Lucid isn’t the only Verizon phone seeing a nice little maintenance update today though. It’s bigger brethren, the DROID BIONIC, is getting an update to version 5.9.905.XT875.Verizon.en.US which, according to some of the forums, has already started to roll out. This update packs things like improved Visual Voice mail notifications and better 4G LTE connectivity. To check if it’s rolled out to your BIONIC yet, simply follow the same steps as the Lucid. Check out the full changelog if you want a bit more detail:

Device Features
+ Recalibrated volume of the call connect and disconnect tones to be more comfortable
for Bluetooth® users.
+ Improved Visual Voice Mail to ensure delivery of a notification to the Status bar.
+ Reduced data stalls to improve 4G LTE data connectivity.

While I’m sure that many Lucid or BIONIC owners were hoping for a tasty upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, this maintenance update should also be welcome on their device. Meanwhile, if you own either of these phones and have received the update, let us know how it’s going in the comments section below!

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