New Verizon MAP Shows Off Pricing For Incredible 4G LTE And Galaxy SIII

This new Verizon MAP (minimum advertised price) list outs a few new phones. Most important is the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE. It’s not an important phone, as it is lower end than the mid end HTC One S, but now we at least have an official price for it. It says $149, but if earlier rumors are to be correct, it may be $199 with a $50 rebate. I’m pissed enough at T-Mobile for selling the HTC One S for $200 even though it’s mid end, but $200 for an Incredible 4G LTE? Especially alongside a $200 Galaxy SIII? Ridiculous, but Verizon is giving me a good chuckle.

The other important piece is the Galaxy SIII. $200 for a 16GB and $250 for a 32GB. When did Verizon transition from a $300 price tag for high end phones back down to a $200? Yes, it was pathetic of them selling $300 high end phones like the Galaxy Nexus while every other carrier priced their high end phones at $200 even with LTE. So did Verizon learn their lesson? Shocking.

So who’s getting an Incredible 4G LTE? Anyone? Or is everyone looking at the Galaxy SIII, the obvious choice for the same price? Verizon’s lineup isn’t looking to solid and balanced. Oh well, as long as we get the Galaxy SIII for $200 instead of $300.


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