New Wicked Sensations ROM For Epic 4G Touch

XDA Recognized Themer dazednconfused with some help from Team Venum has taken his first whack at a ROM and it looks beautiful.  The new ROM is based on the FE22 ICS stock ROM leak for the Samsung Galazy S II, Epic 4G Touch.  It comes with both Apex and ADW Launchers to choose from.  As you can see, due to the ROM being developed by a recognized themer, the ROM is completely themed with blue icons and toggles.  Built into the ROM are several hacks such as the Hotspot hack and 4g Hack, Extended Power Menu, modded MMS, SGS III Shut Down animation, a themed dialer and calculator, and the status bar clock has been removed.  Additionally, the ROM comes with several apps and widgets installed, such as S-Voice (from the SGS3), the XDA app, Flipboard, and more.  The XDA thread has full installation instructions complete with installation and review videos from QBKing77 so getting the ROM on your device should be pretty straightforward.  From looking through the threads, most users are really enjoying the new ROM.  I think the ROM looks fantastic and can’t wait to see more ROM work from dazednconfused.  So if you have an Epic 4G Touch, and are bored of waiting for an OTA or source, hop on over to XDA and give this new ROM a try.









QBKing77 | XDA Thread

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