Newly Announced on{X} App from Microsoft – Automates Your Life

Microsoft announced today a new app, on{X} Beta,  that for the time being is exclusively for the Android system (weird right?).  The idea behind it will be the ability to automate your life with automatically sent text messages or actions based on location or situations like the weather.  The way Microsoft is able to provide this for you is through on{X} being an app and a website.  The app itself for android is extremely simple as can be seen with the screen shot below.  But the website is where on{X} is brought to life.  The website provides the ability to program actions for situations that will be sent to your phone through the app.  The website already has several different “recipes” for different actions or reactions for your phone to perform that are easily customized such as “Text my wife “I’m on my way” when I leave work” which will use your phone’s GPS to detect you a leaving where you work and will literally text your wife that message.  Developers or people who know what they’re doing can even get more creative and play with the javascript behind the recipies and create your own recipes to automate your life.  The on{X} website can be found here with a video about the app and links to download.  It is already available on Google Play but is pretty useless without using the website.  So what do you think?  I actually haven’t been able to get any of the actions to work yet but I haven’t had long to try it out.  I’m excited to see it work.  Pretty interesting that Microsoft is releasing this app exclusively on Android.  Have any new ideas of ways to use the app?  Let us know your thoughts…



















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