Nexus Tablet Reportedly Caught In Press Image Drafts, I Say NOPE

These shots were taken of press image drafts of the rumored upcoming ASUS Nexus tablet. If rumors are correct, it’ll be a 7″ tablet powered by a Tegra 3 quad core processor and sell for around $250. However, just look at this image. And this one of the back:

Is that a Galaxy Note? Here’s an AT&T mode for reference:

Who will join along in a hearty chuckle with me?

Considering it’s two different colors, looks IDENTICAL to a Note (corners are identical, bezel sizes, everything), has a massive camera module on the back (no camera is that big), and the ASUS logo is so obviously edited onto that photo (lacking any distortion), this has to be fake. I mean… there is no proof it is real, and has overwhelming proof of its fakeness. Why does a tablet need an earpiece?! Are you going to call on it? And will the speaker grille be that long on a 7″ tablet? It must be two or more inches long. Tell us what you think in the comments. Extra points for humor.

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