One Click Root, Unlocked Bootloader for AT&T HTC One X! Developer Says Act Fast!

A one click root method has been made available for the AT&T HTC One X by XDA Recognized Developer designgears.  The cool think about one click root methods is that there’s not much explaining to do.  As stated by designgears in the original post, “Download the zip file below, unzip it somewhere, run root.bat with your phone plugged in and usb debugging enabled. Currently this is for windows only.”  It’s that easy.  Also linked from the thread is a guide to unlock the HTC One X bootloader as soon as you get your phone rooted (also by designgears).  You obviously don’t have to if you don’t want to, but why not?!?  Instructions for the one click unlocked bootloader can be found here.  designgears states you should act fast though.  Apparently, the method uses some type of exploit and depends on AT&T update servers.  So, if AT&T felt so inclined they could shut this operation down.  So, if you’re curious about rooting or flashing new ROMs on your HTC One X, or your an experienced Android tinkerer, go get it done.  Most users are reporting a seamless process in the threads.  You will see your device restart a few times after the rooting process takes place but don’t be alarmed, that’s normal.  Make sure you follow the instructions.  Let us know if you’ve used or are using this method and tell us what you think…

Original XDA Thread

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