OTA ICS Leak Available for Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch

Yes, the above image of the Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch is still running Gingerbread.  However, after days of waiting, knowing the FF02 ICS build for the E4GT was out there, Senior XDA Member sextape leaked was is almost certain to be the official ICS build that will be pushed OTA in the near future.  This build is running Android 4.0.4, and is still running the TouchWiz 4.0 overlay which I actually really like as far as manufacturer overlays go.  I was hoping to see more changes to TouchWiz with the switch to ICS from Gingerbread, but it is what it is.  Users are still experiencing some bugs that were hoped to be removed in the OTA build.  XDA Recognized Developer barnacles10 reports

“First impressions so far..

Task switcher ‘bug’ still exists. Shows clear bottom when > 3 tasks.
Some people will still find the scrolling to be.. ‘turbo’.
Yes, chrome locks up still.
Still present is the gb wifi indicator [samsung seemed to ditch the samsung ics indicator a while back.. dunno if that is intentional]
No notification pulse while charging. I believe people said that was an issue, can’t remember how it was on gb.

Other than that everything seems to be working fine so far.”

So, I don’t mean to scare anybody or make people worried about the looming update to ICS.  It is still an update, there are lots of new neat features inherent with ICS, it just may not be as smooth as the Gingerbread rom you’re accustomed to.  If you remember, when the E4GT first came out everything wasn’t perfect then either.  That being said, there are two versions you can flash on your phone.  First, there’s the stock OTA, again from sextape.  This will be exactly what will be pushed to your phone.  Second, there’s the One Click Odin with full restore and rooted rom thanks to Sfhub which is exactly the same rom, but it’s rooted.  This rom would be what you would get if you flashed the stock rom and used the auto root package to root your phone.  Full instructions are included for both roms for flashing to your phone.  The roms may require you to flash back to the EL29 Gingerbread rom if you’re not running a stock rom.  Either way, make sure you backup your phone before you go back to EL29 because you wll lose all your data.  Methods to flash back to EL29 can aslo be found on the thread.

So this is really exciting everybody!  Maybe I’m just really excited because I’m currently using the E4GT and I’ve been watching this build develop for a long time.  If you aren’t into flashing roms, you can continue to wait patiently, because the OTA should come any day now.  T-Mobile announced their SGS2 will be getting theirs on the 11th, so I’d expect something similar for Sprint and AT&T.  Don’t hold me to it though.  But if you’re not into waiting patiently, head over to XDA and upgrade your phone to ICS!  Let us know how it goes and what you think of the ROM…

XDA Thread

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