Pocket Developer Talks About Developing For Android, Very Positive!

This blog post is by Max Weiner, the lead developer of the Pocket app for Android. If you didn’t know, Pocket is a huge app for Android with a current estimate of 500,000-1,000,000 installs, at only a few months old. The app itself is absolutely gorgeous, and a pleasure to use. Its purpose is fantastic too. This blog post describes his journey into starting Android development.

He and his brother started development with two devices: A Samsung Fascinate and a Nexus One. One ran 2.1, the other 2.2. The Android emulator was “nearly worthless” back then, so it was all done on-device. They launched their first app after a 50 person beta test, and it became the number one paid news app for over a year, until they made it free. He talks about how they covered 90% of the market with just two devices.

He goes on to talk about a lot of things disproving the naysayers who claim developing for Android is a horror story. He also describes how much easier it is now, with a fully working emulator, ICS design guidelines, and official compatibility libraries. Seems that developing for Android, outside of games anyway, is not all that horrible. Thank you, Max Weiner. I also love your app, for the record. I think we all appreciate such a positive and helpful outlook on Android development.

Hit the source link for the full blog post, I highly suggest you read it!


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